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We take your privacy seriously. Darwin will never record, distribute or sell your personal data to any third parties.


Darwin is hosted over a HTTPS connection. All messages between Darwin and your browser are encrypted.


Darwin does not store any of your email data on our servers. Simply log out and all your data goes with you.


Darwin is constantly being updated with new features. Let us know of any features you would like added.

Darwin features - snooze emails

Snooze Emails

Each lesson has been written to help you retain the most amount of information.

Darwin features - undo send

Undo Send

Do you every wish you could take back what you just said in that email?

Darwin features - custom backgrounds

Custom Backgrounds

Choose a HD background from Unsplash image to be displayed behind all your emails.

Darwin features - dark mode

Dark Mode

A sleek and less distracting option when you're taking care of your emails.

Darwin features - reminders


Clear your mind with our reminders feature. Jot down your reminder & take care of it later.

Darwin features - signature

Update Signature

Update your email signature from DarwinMail with ease via our custom editor.



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