Darwin features - Bundles


Some have called bundles the 'next evolution of email'. With DarwinMail, now you can use them too. Get access to custom and built in bundles.

Darwin features - Snooze Emails

Snooze Emails

Running late? Or need to forget about an email for now? Snooze your emails and take care of them later.

Darwin features - Dark Mode

Dark Mode

A sleek and less distracting option for managing your email & todos while ensuring you're at your most productive.

Darwin features - Bulk Actions

Bulk Actions

Why waste time moving emails to your trash one by one? Bulk star, pin, trash and also mark all your emails as done in one single sweep (or swipe!)

Darwin features - Custom Backgrounds

Custom Backgrounds

Choose a custom Unsplash HD background to be displayed behind all your emails, ensuring you feel at home in your Inbox.

Darwin features - Undo Send

Undo Send

Do you ever wish you could take back what you just said in that email?

Darwin features - Reminders


Clear your mind with our reminders feature. Jot down your reminder so you don't forget about it.

Darwin features - Update Signature

Update Signature

Update your email signature from Darwin Mail with ease via our custom editor.

Darwin features - Templates


Create multiple email templates (product launch, feedback, promotion, testing, recruiting etc) and use them in your emails to save you loads of time.

Darwin features - Hotkeys


Easily cycle through your emails, open and close a new message compose, search, open the menu, go to certain inboxes and more!

Darwin features - Distraction Free Mode

Distraction Free Mode

Fully expand your email compose editor to fill the screen. Create a distraction free environment for you to write your emails.

Darwin features - Swipe Actions

Swipe Actions

Get through your Inbox effortlessly by swiping your bundles & emails. Access all your favourite actions by simply swiping left or right.

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